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Traditional Alentejo cooking contains unique flavours and aromas, to be savoured and lingered over. It is based on pork or lamb, as well as game such as boar, hare and partridge. Bread, olive oil and aromatic herbs are essential ingredients which give body and flavour to soups, “migas” (paste made from bread, wrapped and cooked in the fat of various fried pork meats), bread stews and “açordas” (a regional soup made with large bits of locally produced bread floating in a broth scented by wild herbs such as coriander or pennyroyal crushed with garlic and dotted with sprays of the finest olive oil), while eggs, sweet pumpkin, almonds or walnuts are the sole allies of traditional convent sweets. Try our suggested restaurants (all close to Monte Saraz) and discover the best of what regional cooking has to offer

Sabores de Monsaraz: Largo São Bartolomeu, 5, Monsaraz. Speciality: Bacalau à Estalagem (Cod in the Estalagem way), Borrego Assado à Sabores. Telmov: 969 217 800

Restaurante Xarez: Rua de Santiago, 33, Monsaraz. Speciality: Bife na Pedra (Lombo) (Beef on the stone). Tel: 266 557 052

Taverna Os Templarios Rua Direita, 22, Monsaraz. Speciality: Bife os templarios (Beef in the templarios way). Tel: 266557166

Sem Fim: Rua das Flores, 6 ª, Telheiro. Speciality: Bacalhau de azeite (Cod in Olive oil). Tel: 266 557 471

Restaurante O Alcaide: Rua de Santiago, 15, Monsaraz. Speciality: Sopa da panela com galinha do campo (Soup in the pot with country chicken). Tel: 266 557 168

Restaurante Lumumba: Rua Direita, 12, Monsaraz. Speciality: Ensopado de borrego e migas (Lamb and bread stew and “Migas” with pork). Tel: 266 557 121

Centro Nautico: Centro Nautico, Monsaraz. Speciality: Estrela de Camaroes grandes fritos (Star of fried Big Prawns). Tel: 966 823 888/ 917 232 001

Restaurante Adega do Cachete: Rua do Grave, 9, S. Pedro do Corval. Speciality: Bochechas de porco em vinho do Cachete (Pork jowl in wine from the Cachete cellars). Tel: 266 549 568

Restaurante O Bizaca: Rua Nova, 15, Barrada. Speciality: Migas com espargos e entrecosto (“Migas” with asparagus and spare ribs). Tel: 266 557 373

Adega Velha: Rua Dr. Joaquim Vasconcelos Gusmão, 13, Mourão. Speciality: Perdiz estufada e lebre com grão e nabos. (Stuffed partridge and harefilet with chick-peas and turnip). Tel: 266 586 443

Some other special Restaurants in the region

Restaurante São Rosas: Largo D. Dinis,11,Estremoz. Tel: 266 333 345

Restaurant Alecrim: Rossio Marques de Pombal no. 31, Estremoz. Tel. 268 324 189

Restaurante A Maria: Rua João de Deus, 12, Alandroal. Tel. 268 431 143

Restaurante A Galeria do Esporão: Herdade do Esporão, Reguengos de Monsaraz.
Tel. 266 509 280

Restaurante Aloendro, Estrada de Evora 3B, Reguengos de Monsaraz. Tel. 266 502 109

Tasquinha do Oliviera: Rua Cândida dos Reis, 45-A, Evora. Tel. 266 744 841

Botequim da Mouraria, Rua da Mouraria 16-a, Evora, Tel. 266 746 775

Restaurante O Chana: Aldeia da Serra d’Ossa, Redondo. Tel. 266 909 414 / 968 862 912

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